About Us

In 2007, we formed a company to make computer games.

We started developing concepts for a game. We considered educational products based on mathematics and problem solving, but kept coming back to the first idea: trains. Driving trains, shunting trains, loading trains; basically playing trains in a safe, virtual world.

The next step involved acquiring the technical capacity to build the game, and the expertise to do it. The technology kept changing at an increasing rate, which was both helpful and challenging. How to build a product for the future and prevent our efforts from becoming obsolete before completion? However, new products for artistic applications have been released onto the market, making certain aspects of creativity more efficient.

Part of the creative process in game development is gathering visual references. In 2012 this led to photography becoming a major focus of our business for a considerable time, including on a commercial basis. At every step along the journey, new expertise has been added to our company.

In 2015 we moved to film and TV production: Film production is where virtual reality meets the real world. VFX (visual effects) are an integral part of movie making. We have adopted a new direction, using many of the skills and attributes developed through game development.

Company Details

SoftShadow Studios

ACN: 123481890

ABN: 11123481890